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Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons

Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons is a locally owned, specialist arboricultural business. We provide a range of treework services for Napier, Hastings, Central Hawkes Bay and the Greater Hawke’s Bay region. All our arborists are fully qualified, and our lead Arborists Darryl Judd and Jonty Apatu have over 50 years combined experience within the industry.

We believe in providing high quality, professional tree care via our highly qualified team. No job is too big or too small, from large scale transit work and contracts to small tree removal and stump grinding, we provide excellent service.

Whilst trees are our specialty we also have the team to deal with a diverse range of services. We have equipment specifically designed for the task and the right team to safely and professionally manage the process.

Darryl Judd
Darryl JuddArborist
Darryl Judd has over 30 years experience within the arboricultural industry. He trained in the UK at Merrist Wood College and gained N.C.H Arb. with distinction. He holds the Diploma of Arboriculture along with numerous other New Zealand certificates in arboriculture. In the mid 1990s Darryl helped the Industry Training Organisation (NZHITO) to develop the current National Certificate in Arboriculture. He is still involved as an assessor to the industry. He has the necessary knowledge and expertise to advise and implement the correct process for managing your trees and shrubs.

The many years of experience he brings to the company, he shares willingly with the team and our valued customer base. With a horticultural background, there is knowledge shared to create the most desirable outcome within any situation, pertaining to arboricultural practice.

Jonty Apatu
Jonty ApatuArborist
Jonty Apatu holds a Diploma in.arboriculture (NSW) Level 4 Advanced (NZ). With over 25 years experience in Arboriculture both here and abroad, Jonty has vast experience in all aspects of modern arboriculture. Jonty attends New Zealand Arboriculture Association conferences and is constantly networking with New Zealand’s leading Arboricultural practitioners.

Jonty has a keen eye for detail and is also a specialist in complicated removals. This experience has accumulated over the many years in the industry. Jonty keeps up with current arboricultural trends and specialty equipment. He applies this knowledge and modern processes to his everyday tasks. Forthcoming, and sharing this knowledge and experience with our valued team and our valued customers.

Born and raised in Hawke’s Bay he has a passion, not only for trees, but for our region, and is a strong team player within this premiere ‘Hawke’s Bay Tree Services’ company.

Peter Brown
Peter BrownArborist
Peter is the holder of an Advanced New Zealand Certificate in Arboriculture (WINTEC). Has recently become a director within the company and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this ‘Hawke’s Bay Tree Services’ team.

Peter’s experience is diverse and strong in all aspects of modern arboriculture. He brings a true passion to the team and is forthcoming in sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons staff and clients. Peter keeps well informed with modern arboriculture practice and networks strongly within the arboriculture community.

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Tree Services

Our philosophy is ‘Roses to Redwoods’, no job too big, no job too small.

We offer a wide variety of professional, high quality tree services, from formative pruning to sectional takedowns, brush chipping and stump grinding. For further information please click here.

Tree Advice and Reports

We don’t just do the physical work. Our years’ of experience mean you can rely on our expertise and advice for all your tree and plant related needs. Whether you need to identify a species, check for hazards, arrange maintenance or new planting programs, if it involves trees we can help.

Why Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons?

2000+ Private Clients prefer to use this premier “Hawke’s Bay Tree Services” company.

Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons has qualified, experienced arborists to manage your tree asset using the correct methods.

Our qualified and highly experienced team offer excellent service and incredible finished results. Whether you have a problem or just want to make a change, we can provide the experienced advice and execution to give you a fantastic end result.