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Along with offering our comprehensive contracting services, Hawke’s Bay Tree Surgeons offers a Consultancy service with technical knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  • Tree species identification and surveys of tree assets
  • Tree condition assessments and hazard identification
  • Maintenance programming and priority rating systems for hazards and preventative maintenance work
    Transplanting of suitable specimens – in some cases a feasibility report will have to be undertaken first to ensure viability of the shift
  • Planting programmes, offering planting recommendations and selections of suitable species for tree replacement

Wide Range of Services

We service both private and corporate clients as well as local bodies.

Any Size, We Can Help!

No matter the size of the job you can call on our extensive experience to ensure a high quality job executed to the highest standards. Whether you’re a residential customer, a small or large business we can help.

Insured and Qualified

We carry public liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind

The Highest Professional Standards

All our team are highly qualified and certified in their roles. Combined with our public liability insurance you can have complete peace of mind knowing you’re protected.

No Job is too Big or too Small

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